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Commission Ekk0 by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Commission Ekk0 :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0 Konoha Tamer by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Konoha Tamer :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0 Akitamon by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Akitamon :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 7 0 Sketchcom2 by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Sketchcom2 :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0 Sketchcom1 by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Sketchcom1 :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0 I am GODTRASH by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki I am GODTRASH :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 2 0 Escape by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Escape :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0 Commission: Harutaka by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Commission: Harutaka :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 1 0 Commission: Maxw3ll by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Commission: Maxw3ll :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 4 0 Someone's about to get blasted by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Someone's about to get blasted :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 1 0 Spectral Warrior by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Spectral Warrior :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 2 0 Mmmmmm Angery by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Mmmmmm Angery :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 3 5 Toriel by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Toriel :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 4 0 Dragonborn Lavellen by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Dragonborn Lavellen :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 2 0 Young Demencia by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Young Demencia :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 5 0 Dana Amatamaru by Hoshi-no-Tsubaki Dana Amatamaru :iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 0 0


Questions, Questions. Lotor x Reader
       “Where in the world am I?” Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you looked around at your unfamiliar surroundings. After a few seconds, everything came back to you. “O-oh, right.” You were on Lotor's ship, where ever that may be. As of now, you weren't sure if you should consider yourself a prisoner, or an unwilling guest. There was only one way to find out though, and it didn't involve staying in bed all day. Pushing back the heavy purple blankets that covered what you assumed was going to be your bed from now until who knew when, you noticed a set of fresh clothes waiting in a nearby chair. Since there was no one else in the room to lay claim to the clothes, and they looked to be your size, you quickly slipped off what you were wearing and changed. Just as you were finishing up, there was a gentle, rhythmic knock at your door, which you responded to immediately and without thought. “Come in.”
With your permission, the door w
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 27 4
September Point Give Away!
It's time for this month's give away!:balloon: 
To join, all you have to do is favorite this journal.
No need to be a follower, or even comment.
:balloon: The prizes are currently as follows:
1st place - 40 Purple + Peach Points 
2nd place 25 Points 
3rd place - 10 Neutral Points  
(Prizes will grow as I accept more commissions ^^)
Everyone who participates will also receive a llama!

This give away will end on the last day of September. 
:99 green balloons: Good Luck!Hearts 

:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 95 12
Eclipse shots Salem OR 8-21-17 by Casperium Eclipse shots Salem OR 8-21-17 :iconcasperium:Casperium 274 36 Total Solar Eclipse 2017 by Casperium Total Solar Eclipse 2017 :iconcasperium:Casperium 142 41
Voltron Legendary Defender Seven in Heaven - Lotor
        “As great as this game has been so far, I almost kind of hope the lights never come back on. If that happens, we could all go twice or something. It'd be like fourteen minutes in heaven instead of seven!” Without missing a beat, Lance grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? You might even get the chance to be my partner that way.”
The very second you opened your mouth to answer Lance, someone started speaking over you. “What's all this? The Paladin's threw a party, and they didn't see fit to invite me?” The familiar voice echoed from the back of the room, slowly growing nearer to you. As he grew closer, you could just barely make out his features in the darkness. “I must say I'm hurt. But worry not, I won't hold it against you. Accidents to happen, after all.” Now more than close enough for you to see his face, Lotor took your hand from Lance and continued towards the cl
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 40 3
Z.O.E JEHUTY PMD model DL link by Metalmiku2 Z.O.E JEHUTY PMD model DL link :iconmetalmiku2:Metalmiku2 16 3 XPS and MMD: Eye and Staff o fMagnus by Tokami-Fuko XPS and MMD: Eye and Staff o fMagnus :icontokami-fuko:Tokami-Fuko 205 22 Red lyrium crystals [Downloads] by ArisuIdzuri Red lyrium crystals [Downloads] :iconarisuidzuri:ArisuIdzuri 363 26 Galaxy Dragon by RubisFirenos Galaxy Dragon :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,351 38
Medicine cat Guide to injuries
Chest Infections
-Whitecough and greencough are the most common chest infections known to the Clan cats. Whitecough is the milder form, but if untreated, it can develop in the much more severe greencough.Cats usually catch it during leaf-fall and leaf-bare, and sometimes it develops into large-scale epidemics. It can be fatal for elders and kits,and it has claimed the lives of several cats.
Medicine cats treat it using catmint.If fevers accompany the cough, tansy or borage is used as well.
Poisoning is the ingestion of a substance that causes harm to the body, such as:
Eating or drinking poisonous substances or plants such as deathberries. Usually kits do this, being curious and unaware of the danger
Eating poisoned or rotten prey or drinking tainted water
Inhaling too much smoke from a fire
Being bitten by a venomous animal
If only a small quantity of poison is ingested, the cat mostly receives a bellyache, but larger amounts can
:iconfriday11:Friday11 172 5
Complete Cat Breeds 101
American Curl
American Bobtail
American Shorthair
American Longhair
American Wirehair
American Ringtail
Arabian Mau
Australian Mist
Asian Shorthair
Asian Longhair
Brazilian Shorthair
British Semi-longhair
British Shorthair
British Longhair
Bobcat Hybrid
California Spangled
Colorpoint Shorthair
Cornish Rex
:new: Chinese Li-hua
Devon Rex
Dragon Li
:new: Domestic Shorthair
:new: Domestic Longhair
Egyptian Mau
European Shorthair/Longhair
Exotic Shorthair
:new: Exotic Longhair
German Rex
Havana Brown
Japanese Bobtail
Karelian Bobtail
:iconariasnow:AriaSnow 66 5
Medicine cat's guide to herbs
:bulletred:MEDICINE CAT'S GUIDE TO HERBS::bulletred:
1.Alder - Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed by a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.
2.Alfalfa - used to prevent tooth decay.
3.Aloe Vera - use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.
4.Ash(tree) new shoots are to be eaten and chewed and applied to the bite of an Adder or Viper to stave off the effects of its poisonous bite.
5.Blessed Thistle - Increases circulation of blood.
6.Borage Leaves - used to treat fevers and helps nursing mothers with their milk supply. Borage should never be used dried, only green.
7.Beech Leaves - used to carry other herbs.
8.Blackberry Leaves - chewed to a pulp to ease swelling of beestings.
9.Bramble Twigs - chew this into a fine syrup. It helps to sleep.
10.(Broken)Rosemary Blossoms - used to heal eye infection or to cover up wounds around the
eyes or eyelids.
11. Broom -
:iconfriday11:Friday11 189 17
Warrior cat age system
Moons = Months
Kit: 0 --> 6 moons
apprentice: 6 --> 12
Warrior/Med: 12 --> 180+
Elder: 192 --> 204+
1 Season = 3 moons
(Yr = Years)
Years = Moons/Months
1 Yr = 12
2 Yr = 24
3 Yr = 36
4 Yr = 48
5 Yr = 60
6 Yr = 72
7 Yr = 84
8 Yr = 96
9 Yr = 108
10 Yr = 120
11 Yr = 132
12 Yr = 144
13 Yr = 156
14 Yr = 168
15 Yr = 180
16 Yr = 192
17 Yr = 204...and so on.
:iconfriday11:Friday11 771 225
W.D. Gaster by Ayraa W.D. Gaster :iconayraa:Ayraa 1,079 52



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Tagged by xXNaxaXx 

1.)write the rules
2.)write 13 things about yourself
3.)answer the 13 questions made but the person that tagged you
4.)tag 13 deviants
5.)make sure they know they are tagged
6.)it's forbidden not to tag anybody
7.)tag backs are allowed
9.)if you don't make this tag in a week you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you

13 things about me. 
1- I take commissions lmao
2- I am very gay for renegadereshiram on tumblr 
3- I'm a Biromantic Asexual
4- I am a Non-binary Girl, so I'm like, cis AND trans?? according to my trans friends??? I was born female but I am ALSO non-binary.
5- I am Fictionkin and Otherkin
6- I'm Diabetic
7- I have ADHD, OCD, 2-3 kinds of anxiety, Chronic Depression// Severe Depression, Paranoia, Dissociative personality disorder, Multiple personality disorder, Dependant Personality Disorder?, And Multiple personality disorder, and I think probably more lmao
8- I bite, 
9- I have special interests and never shut up about them.
10- I dislike teenagers and children. There are a few I accept. 
12- I take no shit.
13- I can't stand art theft. I also, cannot stand abusive behavior. Guilt trips, manipulation. I will rip you to SHREDS if you try that on me.

Questions I was asked.
1: Do you prefer TF2 or Overwatch?: Overwatch. I don't own it because bitch that game is fucking expensive, but TF2 just....never really grabbed me as amazing. All the characters are male, and I don't really like pvp shooters? So I doubt I'll be getting Overwatch any time soon.
2: What is the worst Disney XD show you've ever seen?: I don't even WATCH Disney XD.
3: What is your favorite character of mine?: I can't remember half of them I have shitty memory I just remember Cody, Holidays, Minor, and Zeke.
4: Do you ship any of my characters with any of yours? If so, who?: It's gay so you wouldn't want to know lololol. (Okay It's Cody and Oblivion. lmao)
5: What do you think of Mccree x Mei? ( Overwatch ): Eh...
6: What's your favorite game?: Starbound or Skyrim as of current. Digimon Cyber Sleuth too. Possibly the new digimon and pokemon game(s) will rank in my favorites too. DRAGON AGE INQUISITION B )
7: Do you know Halokyte?: Uh yeah of course I do lmao. Back when you were a tiny child I think, you showed fanart of my pony to halo so she could show me. I'm still touched.
8: Favorite youtuber?: Uh... REOL...
9: Do you think I have, curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair?: I'm guessing curly? You are biracial, Black + White I think, so I would assume that? Also, your sister has curly hair too.
10: What do you think of my art?: It's gr8
11: What do you think of SAO?: That randomizing looking exactly like him is bullshit. Have you RANDOMIZED. On a game. Have you randomized on that game.
12: Do you watch RWBY?: I need to but;;; im so lazy
13: From 1/10 how much do you like to hang/talk with me?: 10 because you're like one of the few kids on here who don't piss me the fuck off.

I'm too lazy to make questions or tag shit bye
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: my own self insert fanfic sdgfsfgsdf
  • Watching: stuff on crunchyroll
  • Playing: Starbound
  • Eating: Fuck i dunno.
  • Drinking: Jasmine Green Tea



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